The homes we build become very popular not only because of the quality with which we build the regular features but also due to the special features like modular kitchen, centralized Air conditioning, solar lighting etc. where the clients prefer. Certain features like rainwater harvesting were common to all our projects. Always, the client was our master in deciding the facilities that would go into the house. We never let quality slip at any point. We make it a motto that the ventilation level in our construction should always be far above the 40% norm Stipulated, because what is at stake is the health of generations to come. The materials used are always branded items with ISI gradation. The ratio of sand and cement is under our watchful eyes. Plumbing provided were not the normal vinyl materials but the high quality polypropylene. 12mm square bars only are used in grills. Glass tiles in kitchen are common but covered drainage provides for better health too. We ensure that the construction follows the scientific approach, Vastu and/or manaiyadi sastra. Rising cost at times reduces our margin but we hold customer satisfaction a far superior consideration. As our field level engineers share our professional ethics and concern, we do not find it difficult to ensure cent percent quality to the end.