Mr. A. Joseph Amalraj has a passion for construction and has been in the construction line for over 20 years. While this dream was lingering ever since his youth. He had to work in the garment export line for a short while. But that did not give him job satisfaction. Hence he had to switch over to the line of his desire. The 100 houses he constructed and 1000 acres identified for layouts stand testimony to his unsatiable desire to perform as promoter and developer.

The projects were in different places christened as Pon Nagar or Eden Garden. He concentrated on both layouts and construction. Both came very easily to him. The laying of house sites was helpful to many who wanted to own a plot and build later. Some needed to live in a new house immediately. He satisfied both. rose to prominence by his sheer passion for quality. He never compromises on the price and quality. Cheyur, Thekkalur, Padiyur, Chavadi Nambiampalayam are his latest achievements.

The Eden Garden in Rakkiapalayam is the project on hand which shows his ability and efficiency to select sites and the way to construct houses. He has been a consultant to many corporates also. Recently he was asked by a group of officers of prestigious bank to construct houses for them but could not take because of his tight schedule.

  Mrs. Shantha Elizabeth
  Mrs. Shantha Elizabeth is an English Literature graduate. She has a natural taste for good buildings and interior decorations. Her father is also in real estate line and hence she has grown with the expertise of the profession. She looks after Purchases and Interior decoration. She had the opportunity to look after the accounts of the business for a long time and has easily come as an effective partner in the business with her suggestions and interior plans for better houses.